2017-2018 ANTrepreneur Award

Startup with Most Potential for Social Good

UCI ANTrepreneur - Visionary of the Year 2017

Cynthia Kirkeby was awarded Visionary of the Year (2016-2017) for Seasonally Fresh by the UCI ANTrepreneur Center.  Her partners, Anthony Ko and Mohamed Abdel Latif received the award with Cynthia (as seen in the photo). Other essential team members who were not in attendance include Matthew Evilsizor and Natalie Sweis.


Visionary of the Year - Seasonally Fresh

Visionary Team of the Year

From left to right: Beanna Bremer, Anthony Ko, Mohamed Abdel Latif, Cynthia Kirkeby, and David Ochi


AI MED Conference - Abstract Presentation

It was a thrill to present at the AIMed Conference in December!  The name of the abstract was “Flavor Matching with Machine Learning to Increase the Consumption of Healthier Food Choices.”

Finalist - UCI New Venture Competition 2017

Seasonally Fresh was a finalist in the 2017 UCI New Venture Competition in the SaaS track Business to Business.  Our participants were Cynthia Kirkeby, Anthony Ko, Mohamed Abdel Latif, Natalie Sweis, Matthew Evilsizor, Dmitry Khokhlov, and Louis Katayama.  Our enormous thanks to our advisors: Shirley Tseng, Charlie Walker, Adel Aali, Michael Sawitz, and Martin Florman.

MORE Foundation - Fast Forward Competition - 2016

The Seasonally Fresh team was excited to be a finalist in the MORE Foundation, Fast Forward Competition in November 2016.   The team reached their MVP and did initial market validation with Whole Foods, Oppy Distributors, 1Million Cups, the Inventors Forum, and the UCI Office of Sustainability.  Team Members included: Anthony Ko, Mohamed Abdel Latif, Cynthia Kirkeby, Natalie Sweis, and Melanie Henderson.

2019 COHORT - Transformative Tech Academy Incubator

This year we accepted into the 2019 Transformative Tech Academy and completed their Incubator program. We were fortunate to learn from some amazing mentors in the program.  Our thanks to the participants that shared experiences and knowledge with us.